Independent Ladle



My work is motivated by a childlike love of objects - both the obsessive compulsion to keep and order them and the free affirmation of this compulsion – as well as the desire to both record and reproduce their various interrelations, to play with and manipulate their many connections. this leads to growing collections of objects that are submitted to the same process – kept, documented and presented as part of a continuously growing series. the repetitive collection and ordering of objects serves to simultaneously alleviate and indulge my obsession. the collection itself embodies this. the continuous repetition represents the obsessive nature of collection.

using photocopies, scraps of paper, fabric, refuse, found objects, hair, metal and various other materials, i have produced a series of intimate repetitive works, the material for which has been drawn from numerous sources, from personal items of my own, to found and discarded objects.

what i hope to express is the many unseen connections between objects that for the most part go unnoticed.

my work fluctuates between the simple joys of what i consider to be beautiful objects and containing them either by scanning, containing, replicating or displaying them in unusual contexts and, the part i love, where i push my self to find an answer in the relationship between objects. driven by a compulsion to find an answer in these relationships, i focus on one aspect until a certain order has been achieved.

i see each installation as a paragraph. when i concentrate on one aspect it’s like i’m constructing a sentence. each object is a word. like poetry, each part is carefully selected and positioned.

each sentence is part of a growing series of collections, repetitive studies and installations which are my current work practice.