The Feral Pleasures' story began in Bristol in 2009, with a team of tweaky individuals who came together in celebration of a more feral way of life; a long story containing many a witty anecdote, encounters with cactuses, and cats with flippers. But we won't bore you with the details. 

Feral Pleasures is a unique yet wearable fashion label, born like some kind of stylish phoenix from the ashes of what seemed like a barren wasteland of branded sportswear and the High Street's persistent lack of imagination. 

They bridge the gap between day-to-day streetwear and couture, by merging subcultural styles with colours, fabrics, and iconography from around the world; from 1990s American Hip-Hop to Mexican culture, adorning their pieces with embroidery, print and embellishments.

Feral Pleasures is a brand that encapsulates a misfit youth culture, with their own particular undomesticated style. They have now become an international team of Feral beasts, and as well as keeping the stronghold Feral HQ in Bristol, some have moved across the world, to such far flung places as Berlin, but still continue to shock and appall in all the best kinds of ways.