The Emporium of Everyday Excellence: Pop Up Shop #3: #LobsterCult
to Apr 22

The Emporium of Everyday Excellence: Pop Up Shop #3: #LobsterCult

April 16-22 at Retramp Gallery Reuterstr. 62


The Emporium of Everyday Excellence hosts seasonal pop-up shops, exhibitions, markets and other events in diverse locations around Berlin. LOBSTER CULT is their fourth happening, a week-long showcase of unique and handmade jewelry and clothes, zines and art prints, musical and artistic performances. Including a workshop program, a live tattooing party and our unmissable “Your face here’ lobster photo op.  


Sensational jubilations from your favorite crustaceans!


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to Mar 26

15th Sculpture Course / Modelling Nude from clay

  • Am Kupfergraben Berlin, Berlin, 10117 Germany (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Weekend courses! 4 Euro/hours.


In this weekend course, you will learn how to model Nude according to a life model (and the traditional sculpture technics). Through observing and copying the proportions and the shapes, you will build up your plastic step by step. 

The model and material costs are both included in the course fee. 
The course is also suitable for beginners. 
The course will be hold in German and in English. On request also in Italian and Hungarian.
In diesem Wochenendkurs modellieren Sie einen Akt nach einem lebendigen Modell. Durch Beobachten und Übertragen von Proportionen und Formen bauen Sie sich schrittweise Ihre Plastik auf. 

Die Modell- und Materialkosten sind im Kursentgelt enthalten. Der Kurs findet in deutscher und in englischer Sprache statt. Auf Wunsch auch auf Italienisch und Ungarisch.

If you like the page 
I will keep you informed about the upcoming courses. 

Fr, 23.03.2018, 18:00 - 21:00
Sa, 24.03.2018, 11:00 - 18:15
So, 25.03.2018, 11:00 - 18:15

(APPLICATION DEADLINE: 12.03.2018 because we have to book a live model and organise to keep open the sculpture workshop during the weekend)

Kurstitel: Akt modellieren in Ton / Modelling Nude form clay
Kursnummer: Re2418-F
Fontane-Haus, 13439 Berlin, 
Wilhelmsruher Damm 142 c, 
Raum 119 - Werkraum

Unterrichtseinheiten (45 Min.): 22 UE (4 Euro/hours)
Price of the course:95.40 EUR
Reduced *: 69.55 EUR

(* For everybody who get in Germany 'Sozialhilfe und Grundsicherung, Arbeitslosengeld II und Sozialgeld, Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz, Wohngeld,Kindergeldzuschlages, Schüler, Schüler Praktikantinnen und Praktikanten' and so on ...)
Ermäßigungen here:

more info about the sculpture course here:

Registration with pdf:
please fill up the pdf 'Anmeldeformular' 
sign it, scan it or photograph it then send it to me via message or to the address:
download 'Anmeldeformular' here: 
or ask me in a message for the version .pdf .jpg or .doc
Please note that without a signature the VHS will not accept your application.

or in online:

or you can also Pay in Cash here:
Volkshochschule Reinickendorf VHS-Geschäftsstelle
Information und Anmeldung:
Montag, Dienstag, Donnerstag 10.00–13.00 Uhr
Montag bis Donnerstag 16.00–20.00 Uhr
(keine Öffnungszeit während der Schulferien)
Servicebüro: Raum 403., 4. Etage
Buddestraße 21
13507 Berlin

Cancellation policy:
Please be considerate. We reserve the right to cancel a class in unusual circumstances or if minimum attendance numbers are not met. In this situation, of course, a full refund will be given. 

General terms for participation in adult education centre courses:

If you have any question please do not hesitate to write me I speak fluently German, English, Italian and Hungarian
or you can call the program director Herr Steffen Cyrus
(German, English) 
Monday -Thursday (in office time):
Tel.: (030) 90294-4807

to be kept informed about the upcoming courses please like this page:

Let's do it!
I hope to see you soon!
Yours, Timea

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Kunst Film Fest #3, Part IV: Post-Pop
3:00 PM15:00

Kunst Film Fest #3, Part IV: Post-Pop

Post-pop music can be broadly defined as following the end of pop music while paradoxically being unable to develop a new musical style independent from pop. This inadequacy has inspired many musicians to not only reinvent their stage performance but also their music videos for which they often borrow visuals and aesthetics from contemporary art. The visual arts on the other hand have been increasingly influenced by the rhythm and expressivity of pop, appropriating the visual vocabulary of popular entertainment and addressing the predominance of the body and sexuality in the music and advertisement industries. Artists adapt to the editing techniques of music videos and use cross-references to the pop legacy to explore the influence of technological and sensory manipulation on the human condition.

Hannah Perry in "Hatemail" (2017) through a sensual script addressing personal memories, trauma, heartaches, anxiety and despair asserts gender stereotypes and the haziness of modern love relationships.

Petra Cortright's "Bridal Shower" (2013) is a self-portrait of the artist wearing a ghostly wedding dress looking at herself through the camera while talking about her wedding day. By impersonating an ambiguous, self-indulgent character the artist objectifies the superficiality of online social interactions and self-exposure.

In "Terrorist of Love" (2016) Keren Cytter recreates a music video in which the artist combines meme-like imagery and cultural and pop references with an original soundtrack. Tapping into unconventional methods of video making and postproduction, Cytter approaches scenes of everyday life with the uncanny familiarity and intimacy of home videos, paired with an unapologetic irony through artificial video effects.

Jennifer Juniper Stratford's music video for Seth Bogart’s "Nina Hagen-Daaz" (2016) is a pastiche of pop music, 90s’ fashion and public television aesthetics, weaved together through rough edits and jump cuts.

Matteo Zamagni’s music video for TSVI’S "Malfunction" (2014) is an interplanetary adventure that blends together analogue and digital source material, pictures of plastic bags, cabbage and broccoli, digital and VHS glitches, merged with the colour pallette of 80’s video tapes and computer games.

Jillian Mayer & Lucas Leyva's"#Postmodem" (2014) is a mashed-up sci-fi musical based on the theories of Ray Kurzweil and other futurists. It is the story of two Miami girls and how they deal with the technological singularity. Comprised of bizarre dark motifs and cinematic tweets, #Postmodem envisions eternal life and technological salvation.

In Jocelyn Anquetil's and Charles Harrop-Griffith's PORTAL_01" (2017) the viewer proceeds down a neon-lit hallway towards a geometrically shaped cityscape where latex-clad women (all of them impersonated by Anquetil, filmed gyrating in front of a green screen) move about entering and exiting into and out of various doorways.

Join us for an evening of great video works and a cup of Glühwein. We look forward to seeing you on the 1st of December!

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to Nov 25




The wives at the Club have teamed up with nine Berlin-based artists to create the world's most sensual array of hand painted jackets. They'll be showing them off for **ONE NIGHT ONLY** at Keith, Schillerpromenade in the heart of Neukolln. Luckily for those unready for these mind blowing delights, Keith offers an array of fantastische cocktails and beers to soften the blow, all for a very reasonable price; and there will also be music and dancing, with hits from Emma Obong. 

The artists featured in this jacket game changer are...

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Pica Rico & The Emporium of Everyday Excellence Weihnachtsmarkt
to Nov 26

Pica Rico & The Emporium of Everyday Excellence Weihnachtsmarkt

Opening Hours: Friday 11:00- 18:00, Saturday (Cocktail night)  11:00- 24:00, and Sunday (Morning Brunch) 11:00- 18:00

Poster Final.jpg

As winter enshrouds us and Christmas draws near, come and join Pica Rico and the Emporium of Everyday Excellence for a festive fusion of fine Mexican-Japanese food, fashion, art and live music. Fill your stomach, grab a drink and feast your eyes on handmade jackets, artisanal jewellery, cookbooks, original artworks, and other locally produced goods from our talented collective. The mulled cider will be flowing, and local lasses Juliana Napier and Milly Oldfield will be providing the soundtrack to an intimate Saturday evening. And what a better way to finish the weekend than a Sunday brunch with Pica Rico, which is sure to be something special.

...and there will be mince pies. 

Hosted by Pica Rico Featuring
a. Achat / Berlin Wives Club /
Ropes, Chains & Bones / Thomas Heaphy / Damaja Handmade / Callum Leo Hughes / Comfortzone Cookbook / Forkit! Design / Independent Ladle / Betty Bottom Dollar / Elle Sinclair / John Roe Accessories 


Photos courtesy of Alejandro Torres 

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Kunst Film Fest #3 Part 1: Found Footage
6:30 PM18:30

Kunst Film Fest #3 Part 1: Found Footage

Artist: Callum Leo Hughes

Artist: Callum Leo Hughes

We are looking forward to the first part of this year's "Kunst Film Fest". As in its previous two iterations the "Kunst Film Fest" takes the form of a series of screenings on four consecutive Fridays when we will be presenting video works by established and emerging artists. The first of the screenings will feature a selection of artists corresponding to the theme Found Footage. 

Giving new life to pre-existing audiovisual material is neither new nor uncommon in the art world. Many notable artists have appropriated found footage, be it for its realism, as historical reference or simply its aesthetic quality as a found object. Today, the ever-growing popularity of the internet and social media have changed the way that artists approach online reality. Lives lived online, intimacies and absurdities, futile tutorials and instructions for life improvement, extravagant internet personas; and as the list unfolds so does the list of possibilities for creatives to exploit the abundance of material the internet provides.

Christian Nicolay & Ya-chu Kang's "Boom & Bust" (2013) examines the fragility of interconnected global systems and their relationship to the balance of opposing forces through a montage of amateur videos where people are literarily bursting the bubble.

Leo Gabin's "Hair Long" (2013) is a video collage of appropriated youtube videos based on the alikeness of the protagonists’ interactions with the camera and their intended audience.

In Molly Soda's "In Shoes" (2017) the artist uses the screen as a means to juxtapose social media videos, alongside her own web based performance, from a feminist stance challenging contemporary modes of online self-exposure.

Laura Yuile in "Sick Home" (2016) uses stock photos depicting idealised homes and families in her reflection on how the digital networks have reconfigured the domestic space and are turning notions of public and private space inside out; whilst enabling us to remain in our own bubble whilst navigating the world.

Callum Leo Hughes' "ebabes/eboys" (2017) documents male and female members of the eBay community using their bodies to advertise and sell items.

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