Elle Sinclair

Sculptor and Curator

Blood Cell installation

Investigating the relationship between the human body and mind I use anatomical and microscopic imagery as stimuli for my work.  I look into the strength of our mental self together with the incomprehensibly complex systems and networks we are made up of.  Both visible and invisible I use my work to gain control, and an understanding of who we are.

I developed a relationship with medical imagery through personal experience having epilepsy and experiencing loss of memory, time, consciousness, partnered with the more physical attributes of the condition and side effects of the drugs.  Making these formless elements physical through drawing, sculpture and installation.

Drawing is essential part of my practice, a way to memorialize a moment, thought or emotion.  I keep sketchbooks like diaries.  My 3D work has a very linear drawing like quality often working in drawing installation using the space as I would a piece of paper.

Currently I am starting to look at psychogenic pain using microscopic images of gastric mucosa better known as stomach lining. 

Elle Sinclair is a Berlin-based artist and aspiring curator.   She was born in London where she studied Sculpture at Wimbledon collage of Art.  Since then she has worked with mental health art therapy charity Studio Upstairs, curated the Double Helix exhibition in Peckham, was project manager for MOMENTUM Worldwide, project Coordinator for Art Nomads, as well as being an artist assistant to Satch Hoyt, Janet Laurence, and Paul Johnson.