Salutations Crustaceans

Lobsters are probably the baddest ass of all crustaceans, not only are they visually stunning, but they have a super lobster sense within their nervous system that warns them about actions that will cause them harm or pain. Also, much like lizards, which can regenerate a lost tail, so can the lobsters regenerate lost claws, legs, eyes and antennae! It is important to note that lobsters do not have an autonomic nervous system, meaning that they do not go into a protective state of shock when experiencing great pain, they feel it all the way until the end. 

There are two kinds of lobsters, members of the class crustacea, the 'true' lobster, and the spiny lobster. The true lobster has claws on the first four legs, lacking in the spiny lobster. The spiny lobster has a pair of horns above the eyes, lacking in the true lobster. Funnily enough, male lobsters are known as cocks, while female lobsters are known as hens, or chickens. 

Lobsters also come in all different sizes and an assortment of vibrant colors and patterns, including, blue, violet, spotted and stripped to name a few.  

Sensational jubilations from your favorite crustaceans!