THANK YOU to Réka Horváth

The Emporium of Everyday Excellence would like to extend a very crustaceous thank you (it only took us 9 months) to RÉKA HORVÁTH for designing our beautiful lobster themed poster which is a wealth of inspiration for the Emporium crew. Infact, after 9 months the posters image has birthed the name and general them of our next pop-up event, LOBSTER CULT. Yes, we are becoming a lobster loving cult of jubilant crustaceous creatives extending salutations to our fellow friends and foes alike. So, THANK YOU RÉKA, thank you very much for this beautiful image which we have all taken into our hearts. Please now invision all of us with our hands in the air (about head high) pinching our thumbs and fingers together as if they were claws. That is the image you should have in your head when you leave this website.


Sensational jubilations from your favorite crustaceans!