pity the fool

Mastication of the common crustacean can result in tantamount frustration. So if your going to masticate, don't forget to calculate how great a challenge it can be. It will be proven that you are a fool if you choose not to use the appropriate tool, to pry open that tough exterior known as the exoskeleton. I assure you, you will feel quite inferior while trying to reach the interior with only your meager, tinkering fingers.  

Fun Lobster fact:: Lobsters were once considered the poor man's chicken. In Colonial times, it was fed to pigs and goats and only eaten by paupers. Say WHAT!?   

And as always, sensational jubilations from your favorite crustaceans!

THANK YOU to Réka Horváth

The Emporium of Everyday Excellence would like to extend a very crustaceous thank you (it only took us 9 months) to RÉKA HORVÁTH for designing our beautiful lobster themed poster which is a wealth of inspiration for the Emporium crew. Infact, after 9 months the posters image has birthed the name and general them of our next pop-up event, LOBSTER CULT. Yes, we are becoming a lobster loving cult of jubilant crustaceous creatives extending salutations to our fellow friends and foes alike. So, THANK YOU RÉKA, thank you very much for this beautiful image which we have all taken into our hearts. Please now invision all of us with our hands in the air (about head high) pinching our thumbs and fingers together as if they were claws. That is the image you should have in your head when you leave this website.


Sensational jubilations from your favorite crustaceans!   

Salutations Crustaceans

Lobsters are probably the baddest ass of all crustaceans, not only are they visually stunning, but they have a super lobster sense within their nervous system that warns them about actions that will cause them harm or pain. Also, much like lizards, which can regenerate a lost tail, so can the lobsters regenerate lost claws, legs, eyes and antennae! It is important to note that lobsters do not have an autonomic nervous system, meaning that they do not go into a protective state of shock when experiencing great pain, they feel it all the way until the end. 

There are two kinds of lobsters, members of the class crustacea, the 'true' lobster, and the spiny lobster. The true lobster has claws on the first four legs, lacking in the spiny lobster. The spiny lobster has a pair of horns above the eyes, lacking in the true lobster. Funnily enough, male lobsters are known as cocks, while female lobsters are known as hens, or chickens. 

Lobsters also come in all different sizes and an assortment of vibrant colors and patterns, including, blue, violet, spotted and stripped to name a few.  

Sensational jubilations from your favorite crustaceans!


Featured artist: Callum Leo Hughes

Callum Leo Hughes, photographer and photo collector, creator of the oh so racey books EBABES and EBOYS was recently featured in Greece's The Art Newspaper as one of the 'Four young British artists who stood out this year'! Congratulations Callum, what a nice surprise! The books EBABES and EBOYS are compilations of the sexisest most tempting photos from Ebay. They're really showing their stuff off. We are left wondering, is it the underwear they are selling or what...?  You can view a few of these delightfully playful photos @callumleohughes or right here on this site. 

Too bad I can't read Greek, anybody?

Check It Out>> Berlin Wives Club is officially up and running ONLINE

The biggest news of 2018 thus far? That's easy, Berlin Wives Club, the queeniest wives of the shiniest jackets around are officially online at https://www.berlinwivesclub.com/ and it looks pretty freakin' sweet too. With three collections up, color galore, reversibility and the finest of fabrics, including hand quilted material (!!) the site is indeed a sight for sore eyes. Below are images from each collection, the most recent collection, Eat Your Greens, features jackets made from some of the softest and most luscious velvet I have ever touched, lined with striking satin in complimentary colors. This latest collection is a head turning sight to behold. Here's little secret, some of the jackets are NOW ON SALE. SO TAKE A PEAK. NOW. GO ON, DO IT. 


The Emporium of Everyday Excellence at MARKTHALLE 9 in Kreuzberg

We are at it again! Come get your unique handmade gifts for yourself and your loved ones at the amazing Markthalle 9 in kreuzberg while you enjoy delicious gourmet food and wine of which there is plenty. Every advent weekend this December we will be slinging our wares. The set up is bright and colorful and sure to bring a smile to your face as you notice bone jewelry by Ropes Chain and Bones, metallic suede fringe earrings by forkitdesign, dainty spoon and ladle necklaces by Independent Ladle, incredible bomber jackets like no others by Berlin Wives Club, cool, classy and very special clothing by A.achat, Cookbooks by Comfort zone and lovely jewelry by Raphaela Designs.     

Yesterdays Install of our Weihnachtsmarkt

Us installing our Weihnachtsmarkt in BKS restaurant.  Come join us for delicious food and handcrafted treats!

BABADO JOHANNA & BENNI as a NEW part of Pica Rico & The Emporium of Everyday Excellence Weihnachtsmarkt - welcome to the crew



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1. Frill

2. Flounce

Made by friends, Johanna Simon (Brazilian/German) and Benedikta Ársælsdóttir (Icelandic), BABADO is a small accessory collection in development, made from Brazilian fabric, chita. The chita fabric has long established it’s place in the heart of Brazilian tradition. The course cotton fabric is printed with bright colored flower wax print, giving it a moldable stiffness yet keeping the fabric comfortable and wearable. The BABADO head scarves are made to be worn loud and proud but with multiple functionality to fit any size or superstar. You can twist and tuck for a simple turban or tie in a bow or big knot to show it off. The texture of the fabric allows you to mold it into your own style. https://www.instagram.com/babado.berlin/


Kevin McComerick: artist for BWC Jacket on Jacket off Exhibition next Friday!!

OMG YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY! We are so pumped that the magnificent Kevin McCormick has struck us dumb with his hair imitation skills. Seriously you guys. OMG. Here's a tiny peek at a tiny portion of his skills. Come shake Kevin's hand at the exhibition and tell him he's a magnificent beast!

1st Part of Centrum Berlin Film Festival Opening Tonight

Our very own Evi Afstralou has been hard at work curating a film festival for Centrum Berlin, including a new film from Emporium artist Callum Leo Hughes.  Here is a little about the space:

Centrum is a contemporary art space in the Flughafenkiez district of Neukölln, Berlin. Formerly used as a retail store and brothel, Centrum’s exhibition space is not a white cube, but owes its specific character to its tiled floor composed of red ceramic and grey stone tiles, and from the large shop window looking out into the street. Centrum offers a platform for the discourses in and around contemporary art as well as the opportunity to meet artists through artist talks, lectures, and film screenings. They work with international and locally based artists, offering space and support for experimentation and for the development of new work. Centrum was founded in 2009 by Kate Squires and David Moynihan and since September 2014 is currently run by Mareike Spendel; since March 2015 supported by Natalie Weiland. In September 2016 the team was joined by Aurica Kastner and in April 2017 by Evanthia Afstralou.

In  Molly Soda 's  In Shoes  (2017) the artist uses the screen as a means to juxtapose social media videos, alongside her own web based performance, from a feminist stance challenging contemporary modes of online self-exposure.

In Molly Soda's In Shoes (2017) the artist uses the screen as a means to juxtapose social media videos, alongside her own web based performance, from a feminist stance challenging contemporary modes of online self-exposure.

A Little bit about our Weihnachtsmarkt Collaborators Pica Rico

Pica Rico translates to spicy delicious & is the brand name of married couple Jennifer Herrera & Matt Pipe, curators of exciting Mexican pop up kitchens in Uk & Berlin.
After cooking around the world & meeting in Dubai the pair opened their first pop up taqueria in London to rave reviews. After the residency they went to Jenns home country of México where they ate their way around the republic learning about all the characteristic flavours of Mexican cuisine. 
With their new found knowledge they decided on Berlin as the city to take their unique cooking style. This is where they designed the food concept for the hugely popular la Lucha restaurant. 
Now focused solely on their own brand their new vibrant dishes are the most delicious they've created yet.



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