Betty Bottom Dollar

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I'm the Betty in the Bottom Dollar, originally from Yorkshire in the UK and now living in Berlin.

I bought my first sewing machine over 12 years ago to have an experiment and see what I could come up with and I've been stitching ever since.

My personal taste veers pretty far over to the more patterned, bold-coloured and shiny side of things and that's exactly what I like to work with. I wear a lot of leggings and started to make my own when I couldn't find any that were quite right. I like 'em high-waisted, booty-friendly, well fitting, camel-toe-less and in exciting fabrics, so that's exactly what I set out to make. I also think what you wear should make you feel like a badass while also looking great, being functional (lunge proof is an essential quality in my book!) and allowing you to have a damn good time in it.

So Wear More Gold & Go Run Riot ♥