A Berlin-based collective of artists, jewellers, fashion designers, and other such monstrosities; we came together under the name The Emporium of Everyday Excellence in April 2017 for our first pop up shop in Kreuzberg.  Many of the collective knew each other before hand having met through our creative pathways or just old friends.  The idea behind the Emporium is to support each other’s practices and make beautiful works, jackets, jewellery, and more.   As we are hugely varied in our focus and skills we learn off one another and help each other with exhibitions, markets, curatorial projects and of course do pop up shops when we can.


In the future we want to be able to do workshops, life-drawing classes, and involve the Berlin public in the things we love to do! We are always looking for space so please don’t hesitate to contact us should you want to collaborate or such like.